When “Medium” Stopped Being a Dirty Word

When I realized I was stepping into a role that could only be termed “medium”, it was painful. So many stigmas are attached. But this helped…

When an artist paints, the material he uses (oils, acrylics, pastels, etc.) is referred to as his medium. A sculptor can use clay, metal, or wood as their medium. Performance artists use music, dance, or movement. By bringing form to their medium, artists create the extraordinary from the ordinary.

Basically, a medium is a pass through, a tool used to communicate, and spirit mediums are no different, only God and spirits in the divine realm are doing most of the work! I am just one of the humans through which they are working.

In my mediumship journey, I have asked to receive information that will bring about the greatest good for my sitter, whether it be soul growth, proof of the existence of heaven, or the simple knowledge that their departed loved one is living bountifully in spirit.

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